Tips on finding a good tree trimming professional

Hey people! It is been a little while since we have posted for you guys but we have a new topic to share with you today and that his tips on what you can do to find the perfect tree trimming specialist in your area.

When looking for a tree trimming pro there are certain qualities that you want to look for.  You want them to have professionalism, you want them to care, you want them to have experience, and you want them to be punctual.   These are the qualities that a tree trimming service needs to have before you hire them. If you contract out a professional that does not have these qualities then you are seriously wasting your time and money.

Professionalism-professionalism is made up of key factors.  When a company is professional that means they will always be on time, will go out of their way to service your every need.  If a company is not professional, then you do not want to deal with them because they will not take what they are doing seriously. The more seriously contractor is,  The better of a job they will do. So if you meet a tree trimming professional and they do not give you the upmost respect and they do things like goof off and they don’t work 100% of the time you do not want to bother.  Take some time to analyze the people you’re working with when they come out to do your initial estimation. In that hour you will be able to determine whether they are a good fit for trimming your trees or not. Just remember to be careful.  Continue reading

Tree trimming services – The importance of hiring professionals

Trimming down a tree is not easy as it looks. The process can be tiresome and consume time depending on what and where you are working on it. In order to perform the job correctly, it takes special attention to care and safety so that people are not harmed and property is not damaged. For instance, if the branches you want to cut down are hanging dangerously over your house or car, you should be extra careful to ensure it does not fall on them because it may end up damaging your home or vehicle. There are countless examples of untrained and unlicensed individuals performing tree care services that should be left to be handled by a professional with experience. Additionally, there are other jobs that must be done like cleaning the compound off the leaves and scattered branches and disposing of them as well. If left alone, this waste can pile up and cause more damage to the look of your yard than before. Therefore, if you don’t have the knowledge and skills needed, it might turn out to be a risky DIY project for you. When in doubt, it is always the best recommendation that homeowners should hire professionals in tree trimming service to complete the work.

Even though there are simple jobs you can attempt to do, a vast majority of them require someone that is trained and has the right equipment and tools and training to handle the job. In most states, proper licensing and certification is required to operate as a contractor. This is no only to protect consumers against fraud or negligent service providers, but also to protect against running the risk of injury. Tree maintenance is not something that most people perform on a regular basis. These chores are simple, but if you don’t know how to do them, you should seek help from experts. Specialists are called in to avoid accidental injuries and damage to property. These companies have up to date machines that are used to make work easier and faster. The team at is able to provide professional tree care services for residential and commercial property owners.

Therefore, the question why do you need to hire experts?

  1. Safety reasons- Protecting your family and property should be the first thing that comes to mind. If you attempt to do it and harm one member of your family, it is going to be painful and costly since you will cater for the expenses. Also, if your home gets damaged, it will be a huge setback for you since it happened because you didn’t have the expertise and experiences required to pull the job. However, hiring tree trimming service means you can avoid all this since the job will be done safely.
  2. The shade provided by the branches is good for you sheltering your property. However, if the branches are overhanging dangerously; some may cause unwanted damage like when it falls on your car or part of your house collapses because a loose branch has fallen on your house. Therefore, you should not hesitate when you notice any danger posed by the tree and you should call for help immediately. This will also reduce the chances of injuring yourself or your property in case a hurricane or storm occurs, and the tree branch falls. It is essential that you protect your family and property against this kind of disasters.

You must ensure that your family is well protected from the calamities that may happen when a loose tree branch falls on your home. Especially during storms and hurricanes, you should prepare in advance by making sure you call an expert tree trimming service to come and inspect your property of any dangers that may be present. Once you get the report, you should act on it to safeguard your family and other items from the damage that might happen. Professionals have the required tools and equipment to ensure the work is done properly without risking your property and quick as well. Therefore, make sure you seek expert assistance.

Tips and techniques for DIY tree trimming

Knowledge of basic tree trimming tips is helpful on how you handle most of the trimming work on your own. There are several techniques for trimming trees that are essential in helping you keep your trees in an appealing shape. Having the correct knowledge and tools helps you to trim your trees wherever necessary and maintaining their shape, health and eliminating possible threats to branches other tree related issues. Although there are many trimming techniques available where you can learn from, you can alternatively hire a skilled professional to do the work for you.

The Need for Tree Trimming

Trimming of trees is normally done for three main reasons; to offer safety, good health and aesthetics. Trimming a tree properly is helpful to a tree because it maintains it appearance and shape. You should take great care not to overdo pruning or trimming of trees since you may alter their shapes and cause serious damages to them. Some tree may have branches that are broken or dead and might pose safety threats to pedestrians when they fall off. Therefore they should be removed to prevent occurrence of serious hazards. At times a tree may be infected therefore they require trimming by cutting away branches that are affected. Tree trimming improves the air circulation in trees that is beneficial. Branches that cross each other should be cut off to avoid from falling unexpectedly.

General Tree Trimming Tips

A tree is best trimmed at its dormant period, although trees may be trimmed at any time. However in case of hazards such as heavy storms, then it may be trimmed .You need to be conscientious of the branch sizes which are being removed. It is fine to remove small branches that are between 5 to 10 meters in diameter. However, removing large branches exceeding ten meters requires a really reason for that. On the other hand, only branches that are weak with narrow angles or v-shaped should be removed. Branches that are strong and have a U-shape should be retained. Literary, branches should have diameters ranging between one-half and three-quarters that of the stem at the attachment point. After trimming or pruning, the ratio of crown to tree in terms of their height should be two-thirds. Branches should be pruned while they are young because it makes the work easier and managing is easy too. Moreover, a branch should not be trimmed too long or too close, but should be left with a large stub.

Before you trim your trees keep the following points in mind:

  • Cut the branches at the collar, it growth starts from the tissue of the stem at the branch bottom base.
  • You should always cut from outside the branch bark ridge where you should aim at cutting it away from the stem.
  • The same technique should be applied while pruning branches that are dead and live ones.

For a unique and attractive yard, consider hiring a tree trimming expert to work on your trees. However, the cost of hiring a professional varies because it depends on the size of trees.

When is the best time for tree trimming?

The time for trimming trees in your yard depends on the reasons as to why you want to trim them. Trees may be lightly trimmed throughout their the year and removal of dead branches can be done at anytime. The below guidance may be helpful to identify the appropriate trimming period but you should put in mind that different species have different trimming seasons.

Winter Trimming

It is a common practice to trimming trees   when they are at dormancy level. This allows them experience a growth that is vigorous in the winter spring. Therefore due to this effect, winter should be the time when you trim all your trees in your yard because it result to effect that are desirable. Examples of species that require to be trimmed during this spring include walnuts, maple and birches. At this season, there is great flow of sap that makes the species to ‘bleed’. The flow of sap is harmless and ceases when tree leafs spout out.

Summer Trimming

Trimming of trees should be carried out once the seasonal growth has elapsed. Tree trimming during summer season allows a direct slow down of tree branches that you do not want .Trimming of trees enable you reduce the amount of leafs on a tree. Also this practice allows you to slow down the growth of a tree because by cutting branches the number of leafs reduces and the quantity of food manufacturing also reduces thus preventing the tree from growing too fast. On the other hand, trimming trees during the summer season is a corrective measure. It enables an easier noticing of limbs that are defective and those limbs hanging down.

Trimming Flowering Trees to Enhance Flowering

If you want to trim trees that flower in order to enhance the level of flowering, you should trim their flowers fade. This is for trees that blossom during spring season. On the hand, trees whose flowering period falls towards the end of summer should be trimmed during winter season or at the beginning of the spring.

Proper trimming help in enhancing the appearance of any landscape trees, while improper trimming may ruin the potential of a landscape. Therefore it is advisable to avoid trimming or pruning than doing it improperly. Naturally, trees can go for a long period without being pruned but interference of man can ruin their growth. You should apply proper trimming methods but you should also put in mind that trees may be weakened by these methods. To trim your trees properly, you require s you to know what to do in order to succeed. There idea that any person can carry out the tree trimming services is wrong. Tree trimming requires skilled people to work on them so that they are not ruined or killed by improper trimming apart from pests. Trimming should be aimed at reducing the number of branches that are not needed and are not effective any more. Therefore trimming of trees should be regularly done in order to supplement energy for proper growth of flowering trees.